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About Us

About us


Our history:

The United States Mail Center Store was established in 2010.

At that time stamps were only available at the local post office. For most of us ordinary people and people in the countryside, it takes time and a long journey to buy stamps from the local post office. In 2010, founder Adams purchased a warehouse through auction and found that it held a very large collection of US Forever stamps. Our founder sold it to those who really need US Forever Stamps in an unbelievable price. In this way, ordinary people could send greeting cards to their lovers and friends with US Forever Stamps. Later, more and more people thought it was a good thing to help people, so they joined us and founded this company. Our shop opened in the owner's garage, which also brought convenience to many locals. We start selling online in 2020 because we wanted to bring this convenience to American citizens in every state, so that everyone can enjoy this benefit.

We have built 3 warehouses to meet the fast delivery needs of American citizen in every state.


Reliable Source:

The source of our stamps is from leftover business mailings, company liquidations, auctions, wedding invitations who bought too many and stamp collectors accumulation. Therefore, these stamps are guaranteed to be genuine and usable. We sold in low price with low profit to benefit whose who really need US Forever Stamps. Even if many people doubt it, is scam. Remember only practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.


Feedback of Customers:

Most of our customers who purchased frequently are those who used to buy stamps in the owner's garage. One of the old friends is Mr. Walter. He has maintained a friendship with us for 12 years. He is a writer, and his readers always write to him for his booksUsually, he writes letters or send greeting cards for thanking these readers who like his books very much. Therefore, he orders stamps on our website regularly, and he will place a large quantity stamp from us every month. Its been 12 years.

In addition, we have served people like Mrs. Lyle who often use handwriting letters. After she received it for the first time, she gave us good feedback and said that she would use our website to order frequently in the future, and she did order 5 stamps in the following month. 

Our website is very popular and trustworthy. 


Contact Us

If you are the one like Mr. Water and Mrs. Lyleor you really need US Forever Stamps for a large quantityyou can have a roll of stamps for a free trial. Just feel free to contact us. Our Service Team will be happy to assist you. 

We strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Customer service chat hours:

Monday - Saturday, 8am - 18pm EST

Address: 12650 Ford Dr, Fishers, IN 46038

Now available in English.

Our company: The Mail Center LLC